Pesticide free goodness

Sourced directly from small holder farmers, Safe Harvest brings your family residue free, minimally processed, pure food.

A connection that goes three ways

Together we benefit


We aim to restore the richness of the soil by promoting nature positive agriculture


We work to enrich small farmers (especially women), through direct sourcing, mentoring and helping them scale up the value chain.


We bring families safe and healthy food, accessible in every way. Our products are tested for the residue of over 149 pesticides!

From her farm to your kitchen

"The FPO promotes pesticide free agriculture in our village. I make biopesticides at home and sell it to the village farmers. Cost of raw material is very low, so I earn extra and save more. "

- Kalpana, member of a farmer producer organization, Telangana

Our Products

The heartiest grains, the most aromatic spices, the purest of honey! Enjoy the natural taste & wholesome nutrition of a safe harvest.

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The Safe Harvest Blog

Chronicles of
Glyphosate -
Cancer in our food?

While consumers are on the outlook for safe food, pesticide manufacturers are conveniently slipping poison into our food trading human lives for money.

Pesticides: From
farm to fork

In July 2013, 23 children succumbed to severe food poisoning after being fed with mid-day meals contaminated by pesticide residues. Most recently in 2018, 14 devotees

To bee or not to bee

20th May was declared by the United Nations as World Bee Day to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development.

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